Shared visions - this page links to many views of Magna Charta with the hope that they will resonate and inspire.

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 Our history. The Society had a tradition of printing and circulating booklets with meetings. This is a Link to the Program Book from the 40th Anniversary in 1949. Earlier publications may be found using this Link. The list of meetings is from 1929 to 1956 and the publications from 1931 to 1956.[total 495 Pages]

1994 Lunch  - Richard Barringer Speaker

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Thomas R. Moore, Esquire


 James C. Humes, Esquire - "Revolution at Runnymede"

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!999 - Lunch - Dr. Ray Raymond, FRSA, Political Officer of the British Consulate General in NY and Political Advisor to the British Consul and Director General of Trade and Investments

 "Ties That Bind: the Anglo-American Relationship Past and Present"

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 2000 - Mr. Oliver St. C. Franklin, OBE, Honorary British Consul in Philadelphia

2001 Lunch - Arabella Churchill

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Link To Text - Letter From President of US, Letter From Mayor of Philadelphia Text of Talk


 Professor Dr. Henry Conrad Wurts - "Self determination and economic freedom: a Magna Charta perspective"


 Honorable Ronald A. Sarasin, President of the United States Capital Historical Society



Link To Video - Intro to Dean Knight, Lincoln Cathedral
Link To Video - Presentation by Dean Knight, Lincoln Cathedral
Link To Video - Greetings From Linda Watkins - President General DAR

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Mr. Tim Guy, DiplAD FCSD FRSA - Planning the Tour of the Lincoln Magna Charta to the US in 2007

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Chancellor Lewis L. Neilson, Jr. - "Magna Charta and the Other Charters: Why the 1215 Magna Charta is the most significant"

2007 Dinner - Reverend Canon Professor Michael West - Speaker

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Wayne Valis Presentation

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 Francis Webb Neate, Esq. - President International Bar Association (2005 & 2006) _ Chair of the Rule of Law Action Group of the IBA -

 "Magna Carta Within the Rule of Law (history of the concept of the rule of Law and the place of Magna Carta in its development).

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2010 - Preparation for the 800th Anniversary in 2015